We perceive opportunity and threat based on our current states, and if our states change, so does our relationship to the world. Up to 4 players take control of Orbies, beings that can switch between the elements in order to upset the balance of the world. Points are scored for making changes to the world, but players must be careful, for the elements are cyclical. Fire consumes Nature, Nature devours water, and Water quenches fire. The Orby with the most points at the end of the session wins.


For a better experience, you must use joysticks (up to 4 players), however, you can test the game using your keyboard, the commands are as follow:

[W,S,D,A] D-pad

[ENTER] Button A



Orbies was developed at Global Game Jam 2014, you can check it out at :global game jam.

Moreover, all source code is available at: github repository.

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